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Little Maxima is a different kind of news reader for Oculus Rift.

I decided to display news as a popup on Earth, because when you read a news article about something which happened in a faraway place like Syria, it doesn't give you a sense of where the news originated or how it is related to you.

By using this new form of displaying news, I hope people realize that despite belonging to different countries, ultimately we all live on the same planet. When war ravages Syria or some other country which we cannot pinpoint on a map, it affects us whether we like it or not.

With Little Maxima, you fly in space like an alien looking down at the Earth. As news updates come, you see a popup on the city where it happened.

Little Maxima displays multiple articles from various news sites (left as well as right leaning), all describing the same incident.

The reason I'm doing this is because, I believe that presenting various viewpoints is the best way to fight fake news. Censorship is wrong.

Install instructions

You will need an Oculus Rift to play this game.

It is compatible with Oculus Touch as well as XBox controllers.


little-maxima.zip 97 MB